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Turquoise Pendants

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Turquoise Pendants - Gemstone Jewellery

We offer the largest collection of natural turquoise pendants in the UK.

These include many different shapes, sizes and styles of turquoise pendant.

A Classic Oval Turquoise Pendant, Chunky Turquoise Cross , Turquoise Teardrop Pendant, Large Statement Turquoise Pendant & many others are available.

The turquoise gemstones are natural and personally sourced from Tibet, Nepal, Arizona and Iran.

Our collection includes the naturally ocurring colours of the turquoise gemstone -  bright blue, turquoise, jade and green. Copper and purple turquoise are not naturally ocurring turquoise colours. These are dyed stones.

All our turquoise pendants are handmade and set into sterling silver. They are unique.

We offer some magnificent large turquoise pendants alongside some exquisite smaller turquoise pendants in our online store. Express your own personality and team up with your choice of silver snake chains from our Italian chains collection. Also, combine your turquoise silver pendant with a turquoise bracelet or turquoise earrings.

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Turquoise Pendant CarmelleTurquoise silver pendant
Turquoise Pendant GabrielleVery large turquoise pendant set in sterling silver
Turquoise Pendant GemLarge oval turquoise pendant set in sterling silver 
Turquoise Pendant JoyceTurquoise pendant set in sterling silver
Turquoise Pendant LucindaLarge oval turquoise pendant set in sterling silver
Turquoise Pendant ShonaTurquoise pendant set in sterling silver
Large Turquoise Pendant AnnaLarge turquoise silver pendant 
Turquoise Pendant ConstancePear drop turquoise pendant set in sterling silver
Turquoise Pendant RaineRound turquoise pendant set in sterling silver
Turquoise Pendant AngelaTurquoise pendant set in sterling silver with blue topaz
Turquoise Pendant MoniqueOval turquoise pendant
Lapis Lazuli and Turquoise Pendant CassieLapis lazuli and turquoise pendant set in sterling silver.
Turquoise Cross Pendant WandaLarge turquoise cross set in sterling silver
Turquoise Pendant KatyTurquoise pendant with lapis lazuli set in sterling silver
Turquoise Pendant MarniOval turquoise pendant set in sterling silver
Turquoise Pendant PippaLarge turquoise heart pendant set in a plain sterling silver frame