Haematite, also spelt Hematite, is the mineral form of iron oxide.

It has a magnetic structure and is the main ore of iron.

In colour, hematite is reddish brown or various shades of grey. For jewellery the grey hematite makes the most stunning pieces.

The name for haematite is derived from the Greek word for blood and refers to the red shade as you would guess. 

Haematite can be found in areas of volcanic activity or hot springs which are usually linked.

Rich sources of hematite have been found in Yellowstone Park, North America.

The red shade of haematite has historically been used in pigments for painting and industry.

The varying amounts of hematite present in clay creates ochre. If unhydrated hematite then you get red ochre, if hydrated it's yellow.

Haematite has been used in jewellery going back centuries to the Ancient Greeks but was particularly popular in Queen Victoria's reign.

Polished and set into silver, it has the appearance of liquid mercury - it's smooth perfectly flawless surface just inviting you to stroke it! Haematite is available in uncut - cabochon - form and faceted.

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