What Length of Chain Do I Need?

We're often asked this question.

If you don't already have a chain or necklace of the right length that you can measure, then use a length of string or wool to wrap round your neck down to the point to which you want the chain to fall.

If you are using the chain to hang a pendant, consider first where you want to postion the pendant.
Thread the string or wool through the pendant bale and position it, using the string around your neck, where you want to wear it. Measure the length of the string and this is the chain length to buy.

Remember the quoted length of the chain is the entire length including the clasp so you don't have to guess the clasp length and subtract it from the measurement you've just taken.

As a rule of thumb, the 16" and 18" lengths are the ones that suit most women who want a pendant chain to position the pendant at mid chest.

Chain Lengths For Men

If you're buying for a man and can't subject him to the string test, his collar size is a good indication of the size of the base of his neck. Add inches to this depending on how high or low on his chest you want the chain to sit.

Although not foolproof, as a general rule of thumb, add 2" to collar size for a high collar bone position, 4" for high chest, 6" for mid chest. 

Our collection of silver chains offers lengths from 16" to 40" so there's a perfect length just waiting for you.