Iolite and Diamond Necklace Celestine

(Code: jn053iol)
  1. #Description#

    Iolite and diamond necklace in sterling silver.

    This excellent iolite necklace can be worn high curving around your collar bones or lower to suit your look for the day.

    The iolites are graduated in size, each one claw set and interspersed with a white diamond.
    These are high quality iolites.
    They are eye clean with fabulous brilliance. The colour is the characteristic indigo, striding the gap between blue and purple.

    The part of the necklace with the gemstones is rigid and forms an elegant ark.
    The necklace is finished with a sterling silver belcher chain and has extra links to allow for length adjustment.

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  2. #Details#
    Necklace length 41cms adjustable to 51cms (16" to 20")
    Weight 8.5g
    Iolites -
    1 x 5.0mms diameter
    2 x 4.5mms diameter
    2 x 4.0mms diameter
    2 x 3.5mms diameter
    2 x 3.0mms diameter
    2 x 2.5mms diameter
    2.5 carats

    White diamonds -
    1 x 1.5mms diameter
    2 x 1.3mms diameter
    2 x 1.2mms diameter
    4 x 1.1mms diameter
    Approx 0.1 carats